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So when you run into roadblocks, you’ll need to be resourceful. Can you think of a time when you needed to be proactive about researching how to do something? This is a great example of a situational or behavioral interview question, which should be a signal to you that the hiring manager wants you to share a story from your past work experience. It’s a chance to see how you actually behaved to give them a sense of how you’d function in the job you’re being considered for.

For example, I had to coordinate with family members spread all over the world to get videos and scrapbook contributions ahead of my grandfather’s 90th birthday. It really taught me a lot about the importance of planning ahead, setting deadlines, tracking communication, and following up with people. A good way to be prepared to answer work-at-home interview questions effectively is to review the job description and make a list of the sought-after skills and experiences. Flexibility is a virtue that is expected in remote workers simply because the remote working model itself is a revolution of sorts. Are you ready to change your work style, tools, apps, workspace, attitude, communication style, and more to adapt to remote work for the long term?

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In Part II of this blog post series, we’ll look at how to go about finding your first remote job, and how to ensure that it’s setting you up for success. I’ve been involved in hiring for several remote-friendly orgs, and I’ll share what companies are looking for. We’ll also examine how to evaluate the «remote-friendliness» of a company, and learn to dodge some bullets.

One of the things I like most about this room is the wide windowsill that catches the sun in the morning, and Annie (my dog) jumps up and basks next to me while I work. Since there won’t be a boss looking over your shoulder, the employer is asking how you will stay motivated to accomplish your tasks. As you discuss your past job responsibilities and accomplishments, deliberately detail how they were performed off-site. I don’t know whether you’re better than others or not, but you must know that you’re better than you think you are. Reading, playing musical instruments, and playing MOBA games.

Of Companies Will Return To The Office In 2024

Despite having all-glass walls, my office wasn’t anywhere near natural light. The office I was renting was small enough that if I stood in the center, I could just about touch all 4 walls without moving. Remote work can give the illusion of not being timely and responsive. Not because the employee is a poor communicator, but because they do not have the luxury of popping into their co-worker’s office for a quick chat, brainstorming session, etc.

tell us about your experience in a work from home environment.

While that’s normal, it’s important that you can demonstrate that you know how to self-educate or ask for additional help where needed. When you’re not in the same physical space, you need to be proactive and find the information you need. Working from home offers a number of benefits but also poses unique challenges.

How do you/would you minimize distractions when you work from home?

Sign up for a free Dice profile, add your resume, discover great career insights and set your tech career in motion. Leslie Stevens-Huffman is a business and careers writer based in Southern California. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the staffing industry and has been writing blog posts, sample resumes work from home experience and providing sage career advice to the IT professionals in our Dice Community since 2006. Leslie has a bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism from the University of Southern California. Fully remote companies have committed to permanent remote work and do not or no longer have physical offices.

tell us about your experience in a work from home environment.

At one role in particular, about 50% of the engineering department was remote, while 100% of the executive team (and most managers) were in-office. A good chunk of the executive team was new to the org, and they had come from organizations that were not remote-friendly. This meant that in-office «individual contributors» (ICs) were able to form relationships with senior leadership in a way that remote workers weren’t. Thirteen members of Forbes Human Resources Council talk about the common characteristics of their most successful remote workers and offer insight into how to spot them in interviews. In addition to making a match between yourself and the job, be prepared to discuss why you want to work remotely and how you are equipped to do so. The interviewer will want to know about your workspace, computer, internet connection, familiarity with communications software and apps, and other technology you may need to know to do the job.

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