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Alcohol Abuse & Addiction: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

They’ll likely ask you a series of questions to determine the severity of your dependency. These questions can also help them determine the best treatment option for your needs. This chronic illness can include symptoms like an intense need for using alcohol, even when the use has become problematic. In this stage, a person suffering […]

Signs & Symptoms of Addiction Physical & Mental

Older adults may be more likely to experience mood disorders, lung and heart problems, or memory issues. Drugs can worsen these conditions, exacerbating the negative health consequences of substance use. Additionally, the effects of some drugs—like impaired judgment, coordination, or reaction time—can result in accidents, such as falls and motor vehicle crashes. These sorts of […]

How To Taper off Alcohol

That said, some independent groups have stepped in, publishing sample tapering schedules to guide people trying to cut back on drinking. It can take different people varying amounts of time to taper off alcohol. How long it takes depends on factors like how much you typically drink. The most common research technique among those surveyed […]